SPARK | Ursula Sladek Panel Discussion and Q&A for Senertec
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Ursula Sladek Panel Discussion and Q&A for Senertec

SenerTec is a specialist in environmentally friendly local energy generation by means of heat and power co-generation. For the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, which is the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings, Spark secured Ursula Sladek to participate in daily panel discussions at the SenerTec stand which also involved Q&A sessions with the audience.

Ursula Sladek has been described as an environmental hero by many as being the creator of one of Europe’s first decentralised renewable power companies (EWS), owned by the people for the people in Schoenau, Germany. It resulted in her winning the 2011 Goldman Environmental prize in San Francisco.

EWS is collectively owned by 1,000 citizens and gets all its energy from green sources, mainly hydropower operations, but also solar panels, wind turbines and small co-generation plants in people’s homes, which produce heat for the home and electricity for the grid. The company’s shareholders receive dividends but the rest is reinvested into new renewable energy projects and into training and supporting communities who want to run their own green energy companies.

“It’s important for people to realise they can make the change themselves. They can start small – install a windmill or solar panels together. Then, on a larger scale, take back the grids from large power suppliers. This can be done everywhere and we want to motivate people.” says Ursula Sladek.

Starting with the local supply of 1,700 local customers EMS now has close to 200,000 customers.

Spark negotiated her appearance and the agreement on behalf of SenerTec and their agency Serviceplan.