SPARK | Artist/Band/DJ Bookings for Events
Spark Marketing Entertainment is an independent and international music and entertainment consultancy providing tailor-made one-stop solutions for its clients.
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Artist/Band/DJ Bookings
for Events

There is hardly a bigger draw for your event than booking a well-known music act, or a DJ who can really leave your audience with the best possible memories of your event.

As Spark is independent we research the market and get the best possible act for your money. We can advise on savings that can be made by choosing a music act or DJ if they are already in town around the date of your event, or if savings can be made if you can provide the music act or DJ with some free marketing for their album, singles or tour.

Spark can also advise on getting the artist to commit to do more than just perform or DJ: a short personalized video message for social media in the lead up to your event, signed merchandise, a meet & greet at the event, a Q & A with the audience and more.

We have the contacts to all established artists, newcomers and tribute acts. In regards to DJs we can source any, from the world’s best known DJs to no-name acts, in order to bring your dance floor alive on the day and leave your guests with long-lasting memories.

Please email us at or contact any of our Spark team members to obtain a password for our secure download section, where you can access all our briefing questionnaires, forms and useful information for your projects.