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Spark Marketing Entertainment is an independent and international music consultancy providing tailor-made one-stop music and entertainment solutions for its clients
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Downloads and Streaming


Spark offers a one-stop solution that includes the curation of the music, all necessary clearance, agreements, payments and an easy-to-integrate software solution for your website.

The software includes the following:

  • The software enables the brand to collect consumer data and also captures IP addresses. It is approved by record labels and music publishers in regards to being audit proof and secure. After the download campaign a proof might be required on how many downloads were actually sold or given away for free.
  • An overview at the end of the promotion is easily generated.
  • Information on the progress of the campaign can be monitored live and anytime by the client.
  • Consumer data can easily be collected and transferred to the client’s CRM systems.
  • The software can easily be integrated onto the client’s website with the same look and feel.

Furthermore, we can easily generate individual download codes or download vouchers. These can then be redeemed via the software during the campaign.

The prices for a download promotion depend on the following:

  • Number of tracks
  • Will the tracks be given away for free or re-sold?
  • Minimum quantity of downloads stipulated by the record labels/music publishers

A few ideas about how CDs & Downloads can be used

Additional income generation:
A retailer gives away a free download album if a consumer spends more than £100 online. The perceived value for the consumer is much higher than the actual cost to the retailer.

On-pack promotion:
A retail brand includes download codes on the product packaging. The consumer perceives the promotion as value for money and the brand can distinguish itself from its competitors.

CD or Download Album to raise money for charitable causes and to generate PR and footfall:
A retailer sells a charity album (CD and/or Download) to raise money for a charity of their choice. The retailer donates all profits to the charity after recoupment of manufacturing costs. The retailer is able to generate great PR whilst recouping costs. It is also worth noting that it is easier to license high profile artists/tracks for charity albums and even to obtain exclusive tracks, or persuade an artist to do promotion for the album. 

Self Liquidating Campaigns:
An example of this might be a coffee chain giving CDs or Download Albums away for free to consumers who return 8 times to buy at least one hot drink. The additional income generated is more than sufficient to finance the campaign and cost of the CDs & Download Albums.

Anniversary of a brand/company:
There are many different CD / Download concepts that can be made around an anniversary of a brand / company, ranging from retrospectives to party CDs etc.

CDs/Downloads as an incentive for a product launch
A retailer gives every consumer a free CD provided they take part in a product presentation (e.g. in a car dealership, furniture store, fashion retailer launching a new season collection etc.). Campaigns like this work very well if supported through local radio, print advertising and direct mailings.



The difference with streaming music in comparison to downloads is that the user has to be online, no matter if desktop, tablet computer or smartphone, to listen to the music.

The streaming market is very much dominated by Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Napster and more recently YouTube Music, Amazon Prime and Beats Music. There is hardly any doubt in the music industry that this model of ‘access to music’ rather than ‘ownership of music’ will be the future. It’s still a business in its infancy but is growing at a very fast pace.

Spark is able to advise you about the most suitable and cost-effective solution in working with streaming services for your website and social media campaigns.

Please email us at or contact any of our Spark team members to obtain a password for our secure download section, where you can access all our briefing questionnaires, forms and useful information for your projects.