SPARK | Testimonial negotiations Teddy Teclebrhan for Penny Markt
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Testimonial negotiations Teddy Teclebrhan for Penny Markt


Penny or internationally Penny Market is a discount supermarket chain based in Germany, which operates 3,550 stores. The market was founded by Leibbrand Gruppe in 1973; since 1989 it has been fully owned by the Rewe Group.

Spark was asked by Penny’s lead agency Serviceplan Campaign 3 to research the market to find suitable German comedians and carry out pre-checks on a short selection of potential candidates that could potentially team up with Penny for a social media campaign of a very different kind.

Teddy Teclebrhans ticked all the boxes as being one of the most refreshing and unusual talents on the German comedy circuit. He is not only very funny, but a great actor, script writer, musician and singer. Teddy has developed different online/on-stage personas of which Antoine Burtz is one of  the most successful and also used in conjunction with Penny.

In order for Teddy to engage with Penny he wanted complete creative freedom. He filmed all videos during one day of shooting with his own crew and actors at a Penny supermarket. The result were several videos where he plays with cliches and tells stories authentically and very over-the-top of what might happen in a Penny supermarket with Antoine Burtz. In his own true style Antoine Burtz applies for a job at a Penny supermarket, but also touches upon customer treatment and Penny products/services.

This is the first ever collaboration between Teddy and any brand. For Penny it underlines their commitment to non-conventional and humours communication in-particular on social media. The collaboration is not a classic testimonial deal but Teddy adds Penny authentically to his own format of videos on his social media channels. The result is a positive image transfer to the Penny brand and Teddy is not selling out to a brand by over compromising.

Spark’s task was to approach Teddy about the potential collaboration and get Serviceplan, Penny and Teddy talking about how a working relationship could look like. Spark was also in charge of negotiations of the fees and the agreement between Teddy & Penny.

After only 1 week 4 videos have already reached over 2 million views and many laughters on YouTube alone.

UPDATE: the videos have won 2 x Deutsche Digital Awards, 1 x Max Award, 2 x ADC Awards and 3 x Klappe Awards including Best Use of Celebrity or Influencer, Best Online Video and Best Casting.