SPARK | Testimonial Negotiations for Sky Germany
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Testimonial Negotiations for Sky Germany

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About Sky

Sky is the leading pay-TV service in Germany and Austria with approximately 3.5 million subscribers. Since the launch of the Sky brand in July 2009, the company has significantly expanded the depth and breadth of its programme offering, launched many innovations and enhanced its customer service. The results can be seen in the company’s strong performance, with continuous operational and financial progress, as well as improvements in viewer ratings, value-for-money scores, customer recommendations and, most importantly, high satisfaction levels.

Spark was asked by Sky Germany to carry out pre-checks on a number of possible suitable candidates for a new testimonial campaign for Sky Sports in time for the new football season 2020/2021.

Claudio Pizarro was the final choice and we carried out negotiations of the testimonial fee and the agreement between Claudio Pizarro and Sky Germany.

As the new Sky Sports campaign was using the slogan ‘the new freedom’ the timing with Claudio Pizarro couldn’t have been more perfect. The charismatic Peruvian player had just finished his professional football career as a player in the Bundesliga. At 41 he was not the oldest football player last season but also one of the biggest goal scorers in Bundesliga history. He is very well known in Germany for his career at Bayern Muenchen, Werder Bremen and 1. FC Koeln.  The ad showed him going to a ball court with his sports bag. The children recognise him and watch him as he surprisingly starts doing rhythmic gymnastics with a ribbon instead of football and clearly enjoying doing that. The music ‘Freedom’ by George Michael supports the theme of the ad.