SPARK | Spark brings Sir Bob Geldof & Jimmy Wales together with Maurice Lacroix
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Spark brings Sir Bob Geldof & Jimmy Wales together with Maurice Lacroix


About Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix is based in Saignelégier, located in the Jura region of Switzerland. In 2006, the Swiss watchmaking company designed and developed its first in-house movement and over successive years this has grown to 13 in-house Manufacture calibres.

The company produces 90,000 watches per year and has 3,000 points of sale, and has won ten major awards for its watches over the years. On 1 July 2011, DKSH – a Swiss company based in Zurich and a leading service-provider for market expansion in Asia – acquired a controlling stake in the Maurice Lacroix group. With 735 subsidiaries and 26,700 employees, DKSH is present in 35 countries and generated net sales of CHF9.6 billion in 2013.

Luxury watch manufacturer Maurice Lacroix turned to Spark to find two new brand ambassadors: humanitarian Sir Bob Geldof and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

With their help Maurice Lacroix launched its campaign “Follow Your Convictions” which focused on leading the times, rather than chasing them. How? By inspiring others to be who they really are.

“We are about authenticity. Pure and simple,” said CEO Martin Bachmann. “We are an independent company, have our own workshops and handcraft our own contemporary designs and unique, innovative movement complications. We have the inner confidence to do things our way. Just like our clients.”

Maurice Lacroix turned to Spark for help in finding the right ambassadors to embody these values: authenticity, inspiration and substance. Three values that are not so easy to find in the media world of glitz and glamour. As of January 2010, Maurice Lacroix is proud to present the first of its new ambassadors: Sir Bob Geldof – the world-famous Humanitarian, Pop Star, Broadcaster and Businessman.

“Never stray from your beliefs, because with absolute conviction anything is possible.” This is a life principle to which Sir Bob Geldof has remained true throughout his career and one that explains why his first and only choice for a watch is Maurice Lacroix. Consequently he couldn’t be a more desirable ambassador for the company, as CEO Martin Bachmann explains: “When you think of Bob Geldof, you think of intelligence, eloquence and authenticity in fields as diverse as music, humanitarianism and international business. He is a man who has always followed his own path in life to achieve amazing success. Our company lives and breathes this ethos. We challenge conventional ways of thinking and always stand true to our values as expert watchmakers.” For someone like Sir Bob Geldof a watch brand that reflects his personality is paramount. “I’m always drawn to the unconventional,” he explains. “The things around me simply must have substance. In life, it’s always best to follow the path less travelled.”

Spark was asked to search outside the entertainment area for an inspirational entrepreneur and delivered one of the best in his field. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and non-profit organisation Wikimedia, became Maurice Lacroix’s new ambassador.

“Without innovation and the strength to believe that change is good, we can never move forward”, said Jimmy Wales. And it is this strength of conviction that makes Jimmy Wales such an ideal choice of ambassador for Maurice Lacroix: “We admire Jimmy Wales for both his ambition and his accomplishments. Right from the beginning of his career, he had the confidence to believe there was a better, more revolutionary way to share knowledge. His visionary prowess is extraordinary.”

For Jimmy Wales, being able to test the boundaries of possibility was always key to his success. When he first created Wikipedia – an encyclopaedia that could be compiled by anyone and accessed by everyone – the mass appeal was instant. He said, “Free access to all human knowledge. Some called it impossible, I called it Wikipedia.” Yet still, even after reaching unfathomable levels of success, Jimmy took the bold decision to absorb the entire business into a non-profit organisation, The Wikimedia Foundation. It was this transparency of ownership that makes him a truly unique businessman.


Spark was in charge of research, conceptual presentation and contractual negotiations with the new ambassadors.