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SPARK clears DNA samples for o2 Germany's Brand Bible in world's first.
DNA ink, Can Do, right clearances, game changer
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o2 Brand Bible with game-change DNA

O2 and Serviceplan Bubble create first brand book with real game-changer DNA with the support of SPARK.

The new “CAN DO DECODED” brand book by O₂ and Serviceplan Bubble answers the question of what it takes to be a game changer. Bestselling author Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre interviewed five game-changing personalities who have made an impact on our world, shaped our culture, and transformed their success stories into literary portraits on 388 pages. In the process, it becomes apparent that these personalities are also characterized by a can do mentality that reflects the brand’s attitude and values. The actual DNA of the ‘Game Changers’ was extracted from saliva samples and added to the book’s printing ink. In addition to the print version, CAN DO DECODED is also available digitally and as an audio book to the more than 7,000 Telefónica employees.

“Outstanding personalities carry the “Game Changer gene” within them. It is the basis for setting new standards and breaking through conventions. This is the task we set ourselves as a brand every day. This gene is detectable in every drop of printer ink. CAN DO DECODED thus underlines our own game changer claim,” explains Michael Falkensteiner, Director Brand & Marketing Communications O₂.

Each of the five chapters is dedicated to a Game Changer;

  • Sport legend Dick Fosbury, who revolutionized the high jump with his technology.
  • Marian Goodell, who as the co-founder of the Burning Man Festival inspired an entire Silicon Valley generation.
  • Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who digitized and thus democratized the world’s knowledge.
  • Hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash, who shaped an entire genre of music with his skills.
  • And Enissa Amani, an Iranian-German comedian, artist and activist who demonstrates how a strong attitude can change society.

The characteristics of the Game Changers and thus also their respective ‘Game Changer Gene’ run through the entire book as a design element – starting with the “Liquid Cover”. It contains the DNA ink used to print the entire book. The liquid initially hides the book title and only reveals it when the book is lifted.

The design of each chapter is based on the individual can do story of the respective Game Changer. Handcrafted typography mimics the trajectory of the legendary Fosbury Flop, melts in the heat of Burning Man, or recalls Enissa Amani’s Persian heritage. Print finishes make black text marks glow on a black background, react to incoming light or play with the contrast between golden graffiti tags and the gray house walls of the Bronx in the seventies. The paper has the feel of a tartan track on which Dick Fosbury took a run-up for his success; it makes us feel the sand that is omnipresent at Burning Man. In the chapter on Jimmy Wales, it reminds us of the endless paper of earlier dot-matrix printers, in Enissa Amani’s case of a glossy fashion magazine, and in Grandmaster Flash’s case of the vinyl of a record. The digital version of CAN DO DECODED also exploited its full potential of design through interactive scrollytelling as well as it being supplemented by an audio version.

All rights related to the Game Changers, including their DNA samples, have been cleared by Spark Marketing Entertainment.


Watch a short video about the project here: