Music supervision for the DEKA investment bank
DEKA Musik, what the world needs now, sinnvestieren, sinnvestoren
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Music Supervision for DEKA Investment Bank

Deka Bank is the Wertpapierhaus of the German savings banks and, together with its subsidiaries, forms the Deka Group. With total customer assets totalling approximately € 234 billion as at june 2015 and around four million managed securities accounts, the Deka Group ranks among Germany’s major securities service providers. It ensures access to a wide range of investment products and services for retail and institutional investors.

Spark was asked by the German DEKA investment bank to suggest songs for a campaign that was based around the fact that investors should know how their money is being invested and where the returns come from: through ethical and sustainable investment.

The song that was finally chosen was WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE composed by Burt Barachach with lyrics by Hal David. There couldn’t be a better song to reflect the times we live in and for this campaign.

Spark carried out the negotiations on behalf of DEKA and negotiated the details of the licensing agreement.