SPARK | Music Search & Negotiations for PENNY Markt
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Music Search & Negotiations for PENNY Markt


Penny or internationally Penny Market is a discount supermarket chain based in Germany, which operates 3,550 stores. The market was founded by Leibbrand Gruppe in 1973; since 1989 it has been fully owned by the Rewe Group.

This campaign focuses on a topic that hasn’t been discussed enough in public. It’s about teenagers that have lost precious time during the pandemic and missed out on many typical experiences: falling in love, parties, spending time and going on holiday with friends.

As part of the positioning campaign PENNY also did so much more helping young people in Germany: up to 3000 different experiences/tickets were given away for free so that they can catch up on activities they have missed out on during the pandemic: tickets for concerts, city trips within Germany and abroad, tickets for Gamescom etc. Also PENNY will gave away 6 paid apprenticeships with PENNY where 6 young people will get full official vocational training/education in one of the many interesting jobs PENNY can offer over a 3 year period. It included 3 years rent free shared accommodation with an amazing space for socialising.
Spark did the music research to find a song that would add another component to the very emotional story line of the ad. The ad was about a teenage son is asking his mother what she would like for Christmas. Her answer is that she would wish that he could have had all the experiences a normal teenager would have had pre-pandemic. Having fun, making memories, making mistakes and learning from them.
The song that we suggested and ended up in the ad is ‘It’s My Life’. A completely new recorded downtempo version of the Bon Jovi classic. It’s mostly instrumental but the spoken use of the lyrics at the end it’s perfect for the emotional ending of the ad.
My heart is like the open highway
Like Frankie said, “I did it my way”
I just want to live while I’m alive