SPARK | SPARK brings De’Longhi and Brad Pitt together
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SPARK brings De’Longhi and Brad Pitt together


Due to its global success the cooperation between De’Longhi and Brad Pitt has been renewed once more. Here’s the new commercial:


September 2nd, 2021 – De’Longhi is the number one brand for domestic coffee makers in the world. In their 100 year company history they have never teamed up with a celebrity to endorse their brands until this very day:

Brad Pitt is now officially the global brand ambassador.


Spark was instrumental in establishing the relationship between the two parties. As an independent consultancy Spark helped De’Longhi by researching the market for the perfect celebrity fit after discussing with De’Longhi the brand objectives and gaining an understanding of the brand DNA. Spark used their Spark Assessment Model (SAM) to look at over 40 criteria making sure that the fit would be as perfect as possible.

The list of criteria includes of course items that would identify a celebrity as inappropriate but more importantly also guarantees a brand fit across a wide range of criteria. Brad Pitt’s brand fit came in at 84.08% and made him the strongest contender.

Spark then lead the negotiations with Brad Pitt’s team on behalf of De’Longhi. This involved presenting information about the De’Longhi brand and its objectives, creative ideas  and ambitions. Spark’s role was also very much to understand all the requirements and constraints on both sides and making sure that the chemistry was right and expectations on both sides could be met. After financial negotiations Spark drafted an agreement and led the negotiations on all details of this relationship.

To make sure that the ad and photography would be outstanding the services of 3 additional Oscar winners was secured: ‘La La Land’ director Damien Chazelle, camera man Linus Sandgren and composer Justin Hurwitz (La La Land, Whiplash).

The result is memorable for its cinematic scope and quality, coupled with a real sense of authenticity, an essential element of the De’Longhi brand message.

Working with Brad Pitt for this international campaign means more than working with a globally recognised icon – Brad Pitt is an acclaimed actor and producer, an engaged advocate on environmental issues, a collector of art, passionate about architecture and design. Above all, he maintains his mystique, despite global fame. A spirit of understatement that mirrors the De’Longhi brand itself – a company  tied to its roots with a typical Italian passion for harmony and elegance that goes beyond typical stereotypes and is accessible to the world.

Please read our w&v interview in German here: W&V-Beitrag Brad Pitt als Markenbotschafter von De’Longhi