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Spark Marketing Entertainment is an independent and international music and entertainment consultancy providing tailor-made one-stop solutions for its clients.
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Celebrity Endorsement / Testimonials

Businesses have long sought to distract and attract the attention of potential customers who live in a world of ever-increasing commercial bombardment. Every day consumers are exposed to thousands of voices and images in magazines and newspapers, and on billboards, websites, radio and television.

With 3,000 commercial messages on average a day only 150 images get to our subconscious, but 30 only reach our conscious mind. With the usage of a celebrity, you accelerate the potential for your brand to reach the consumer.

Studies of the Gallup Institute for the German market show that celebrity TV spots have an average impact on our subconscious of 40%, compared to a 19% of non-celebrity ads. It’s easy to explain: we trust a known face more than an unknown person. Just like in real life.


So, does it really work?

According to a Harvard Business School study, brands who deal with high- profile celebrities generate on average $10 million in additional sales annually and nearly a 0.25% increase in share returns.

Also, a research by the University of Pennsylvania demonstrated that customers were prepared to pay almost 20% more for a product advertised by a celebrity thus underlining the thesis that brands can charge a premium price for their products when working with a celebrity.


In at nutshell:

Working with a celebrity can

  • help people remember your ads
  • help you increase sales by reaching new audiences
  • help you increase sales by being able to charge a higher price for your products
  • have a direct impact on the company’s share price
  • add emotional value to your brand


How to know which celebrity fits your brand?

We all know enough examples of celebrity endorsement gone wrong. It is therefore essential to find the perfect fit between brand and celebrity.

At Spark we have developed a tool to help you in your decision process and make sure you get the right fit: SAM (Spark Assessment Model). SAM analyses almost 40 criteria in order to find the perfect candidate. Criteria such as risk of controversy, credibility, future career potential, media exposure, social media activities, TV and print presence, personal life as well as brand fit are only a few of the criteria analysed. SAM assigns score points for each criterion making it possible to compare the fit between a celebrity and a brand.


Why work with Spark?

Spark’s services include researching celebrities for you from the fields of music, film, TV and the business world by using our very own SAM Model. But the real work starts once you have found the perfect fit between your brand and a celebrity.

Part of our one-stop service is negotiation and drafting of the endorsement agreements on your behalf. Besides the strategy for fee negotiation we will advise on the ideal scope of rights your money can buy you or what else a celebrity might be willing to do for your brand without additional payments.

You can draw upon our 15-years plus of expertise in this field. We are the specialists. But even more importantly, Spark reaches on average substantial savings on first quoted fees, making it profitable for you to use our services, and also save you time. We have an unprecedented network of contacts and make the entire process for your brand as smooth as possible.

Give us a try. We won’t disappoint you.

Please email us at or contact any of our Spark team members to obtain a password for our secure download section, where you can access all our briefing questionnaires, forms and useful information for your projects.