SPARK | Testimonial Negotiations for Shop Apotheke
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Testimonial Negotiations for Shop Apotheke

As one of the leading online pharmacies in Europe with webshops in seven countries, Shop Apotheke makes sure that millions of people can rely on them every day when it comes to their health. SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE is the pioneer in the online pharmacy market in which growth is driven by both the switch from many customers to online retailing and by the continuously increasing demand for prescription and over-the-counter medicines as well as for pharmacy-related beauty and care products. Headquarters and logistics centre are located in Sevenum in the Netherlands near the German border.

Spark was asked by Shop Apotheke’s lead agency Serviceplan Health in Munich to research the market on who would be the best testimonial fit for the online brand in Germany.

The importance of some key attributes was clear from the start: the testimonials had to be trustworthy, easily recognisable by a very wide demographic and not overexposed in terms of too many brand collaborations.

Top of the list came Günther Jauch, a well respected TV presenter, that always comes top in all annual consumer ratings. He also hadn’t worked with a brand for 10 years.

Shop Apotheke was also keen to have testimonials that could help activate the campaign online and would appeal to a younger demographic including families. The choice fell for Christian Ulmen and his wife Collien Ulmen-Fernandes. Both well known actors, and Christian also known for producing and directing the successful comedy series ‘Jerks’.

Due to Christian Ulmen’s success and unusual approach to directing and producing content for TV and online, Shop Apotheke and Serviceplan Health were only too happy for Christian to direct all the ads for the campaign.

Spark carried out the research for suitable testimonials, approached a small selection of potential testimonials and carried out all the negotiations and drafting of the testimonial agreements on behalf of Shop Apotheke.