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Olivia Jones for Penny Markt Hamburg
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Olivia Jones for PENNY Markt


Penny or internationally Penny Market is a discount supermarket chain based in Germany, which operates 3,550 stores. The market was founded by Leibbrand Gruppe in 1973; since 1989 it has been fully owned by the Rewe Group.

Penny’s supermarket in Hamburg is very special. It’s based in the middle of the red light district of the Reeperbahn area. But it’s more than that: it’s thriving community of performers, bars, restaurants and live venues.

Due to its location it attracts people from all walks of life. This was noted by the Spiegel TV team who filmed a documentary series about the supermarkets and the series has now become a huge cult hit on YouTube the second time around.

As the lease for the supermarket came up for renewal Penny decided to invest in the supermarket and raise the cult appeal to an even higher level. The outside of the store now looks more like a striptease club and who better to endorse the store but Germany’s most famous drag Queen Olivia Jones. She calls the Reeperbahn her home, and has created various businesses in the area including tours, variety shows on top of TV appearances.

Spark was tasked to negotiate with Olivia Jones not only an appearance at the re-opening but her long term involvement in form of images of her being used throughout the store.

Spark took care of all aspects of the deal including the drafting of an agreement and clearing the photography rights for instore use.