SPARK | Rights Clearances for PORSCHE
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Music and rights clearances for PORSCHE Sportmade campaign

On behalf of Grabarz & Partner, Porsche’s lead agency, Spark negotiated the music publishing rights of Dermot Kennedy’s ‘Shelter (instrumental)’ and oversaw the new recording of the song by Alastair Gavin in London. The recording works perfectly in the video that simply uses stills and no moving images.

Spark also negotiated all rights needed for the use of the photos by Professor Stephen Hawking, the former footballer Pelé, Rich Roll, Katie Sowers and chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen within the video.

Porsche described the concept of the video as follows: “Sport is a mindset. It takes our dreams and makes real change out of fit. It’s the essence of our drive. Sport is a gift. It makes us. And whenever we make something, whatever it may be… It will be made of sport. ”