SPARK | Best Brands Italy and AirbnB
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Best Brands Italy and AirbnB

After the great success of the first edition in 2015, best brands Italy 2016 took place again on the 9th of November 2016 with a gala, hosted by Filippa Lagerback in the RAI Studios in Milan. After a wide and accurate survey managed by GfK, the three winners of this year were determined:

Ferrero as Best Corporate Brand, Barilla as Best Product Brand and Rigoni di Asiago as Best Growth Brand.

This year the partners of best brands, Serviceplan Italy, RAI Pubblicita’, GfK, System 24, IGPDecaux and ADC Group, created a new category with the Innovation Award.  The award is a special recognition to select a brand that represents best the idea of innovation: the choice was Airbnb, a brand that has become one of the most revolutionary and relevant brands of the world since its launch in 2008.

 Spark’s task was to research potential nominees in the category and approach the winning organisation and coordinate for a senior level management team member to receive the award in person. In the case of Airbnb it was Alexandra Dimiziani, Global Marketing Manager who accepted the award and was interviewed on stage about the amazing success story Airbnb has become. She revealed the successful strategy of the brand, disclosing also the next challenges the brand faces. One of Italy’s most famous anchorwomen, Camila Raznovich,  interviewed her on stage.

Alexandra Dimiziani had been the head of Airbnb EMEA since August 2014 and was appointed to the role of Global Marketing Director in August 2016. In her 20 years of eclectic and brilliant career, Alex has worked as account manager, brand strategist, marketing director, country manager, and journalist. She has gained notable experience in business and brand strategy, portfolio managhement, brand and line extensions, creative development and production, design, digital marketing, CRM, brand PR and connections planning.

About best brands Italy

“best brands” is the first ranking of Italy’s best brands.

The winners are not nominated by a jury, but based on the affection that consumers have for the brands. “Best Brands” is the only prize based on an extensive research conducted directly through 4.500 interviews. This wide number of consumers, guarantees a high statistic relevance, and makes the prize unique in the Italian market place.