SPARK | Langham Hospitality Group uses CD as redemption and PR tool
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Langham Hospitality Group uses CD as redemption and PR tool


About the Langham Hospitality Group

“The birth of a legend” is a term not many entities can genuinely lay claim to with authority and integrity. In the case of Langham Hospitality Group, however, this epithet is well deserved, as the roots of this family tree reveal an impeccable pedigree that is historically significant to the international hospitality industry. From the day the first Langham Hotel opened in 1865, it astonished Victorian London with the scope of its luxury, technology and grandeur. The hotel also presented many world firsts, on unprecedented scales and always with elegance and grace. We take the best from our heritage and move forward into the future as our rapidly expanding portfolio now spans four continents, covering major gateway cities both in the East and the West. Owned by the Great Eagle Group, the Langham Hospitality Group continues to captivate discerning travellers with its unique and dynamic hotels brands, building great travel experiences around the world.

Spark produced an exclusive CD album for the Langham chain of luxury hotels.

The album was packaged in a handmade CD hardcover book which – like the rest of the packaging – is matt laminated and printed in 6 colours to underline the luxury positioning of the Langham brand.

The CD was used as a redemption and PR tool and was also sold exclusively through all Langham hotels in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.

The classical repertoire was selected in conjunction with Langham’s music consultancy Music Concierge and the artwork was specifically created for the CD by the Langham Hospitality Group.

Spark licensed the music from the record labels and artists, set up contracts, made royalty payments, obtained a licence from the MCPS, mastered the album in a London studio and oversaw the manufacturing to the very high standard required by the Langham Hospitality Group. Spark was also in charge of the logistics, sending the CDs to 6 different countries.

CD albums remain a very highly valued item for customers and consumers if the repertoire selection and the choice of packaging reflect the brand values and positioning.