Spark-me | Exploitation Of Music & Film Archives
Spark Marketing Entertainment is an independent and international music consultancy providing tailor-made one-stop music and entertainment solutions for its clients
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Exploitation Of Music & Film Archives

If you are a radio or TV station, promoter of a regular music festival and you have been recording and/or filming performances of local and international music acts we might be able to help you monetize these recordings and the footage.

Spark has a broad and excellent network of contacts across the entire music industry that not only includes record labels, music publishers and copyright societies but also artist managements and estates of deceased artists. All of these parties need to be consulted on a potential commercial exploitation and agreements have to be negotiated, and Spark is well placed to handle all of this for you. We can also assist with finding 3rd parties who want to release or license your recordings and footage, via traditional mediums such as CDs and DVDs as well as via on-demand streaming and downloads.

Talk to us and we can advise you in regards to your situation without any obligation on your part in the first phase of consultation.

Please email us at or contact any of our Spark team members to obtain a password for our secure download section, where you can access all our briefing questionnaires, forms and useful information for your projects.